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Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan

When it comes to Japan, many people may think of the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. Actually, Kyoto had been the place where former Emperors reside for more than 1000 years until Emperor Meiji moved to Tokyo. Therefore, there are so many historic temples and shrines that it's next to impossible for even Japanese people to pay a visit every ones. Some of them play an important role in showing visitors spectacular art works done in part of the structure, sliding doors, and its gardens. I'd say such temples are rather an art museum than just a temple.

Kyoto's attraction is not only old temples and shrines, there are many prominent artisans and traditional crafts. I like visiting them and seeing their work close at hand. 

We can do one-day Kyoto tour from Tokyo, but if your schedule permits, it'd be better to stay a few nights to appreciate the beauty of this old city and surrounding nature. 

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