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Explore unexpected places from Tokyo

Create Your Tour with Licensed Guide
Though I'm a guide based on Tokyo, I've guided people throughout Japan. Mountains cover 73 % of the total land area of Japan, while scattered plains with intermoutain basins only 25%. That created divers natural beauty in each region. 
Sometimes we chase the cherry blossom front from Tokyo to Aomori, which is located about 700 km north of Tokyo.
An overnight trip to Miyagi Prefecture enables you to visit must-see spots in Tohoku region such as Matusima, famous temples, and beautiful wilderness. The Fox villege has become popular recently.
It seems that foreign tourists tend to head to the west, such as Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima, but there are still peaceful off the beaten paths in Tohoku region.
I've also taken my guest to a temple that stands on the top of a mountain in Hyogo Prefecture as I was asked to show them the temple used as a setting of the famous movie,"Last Samurai." It was an amazing experience. I've traveled all around Japan with my nice guests. The pictures on my site are all taken by me during the tours. I rediscover the beauty of Japan whenever I guide people around.
There are unlimited places worth visiting in Japan. Please share your preference with me. I'm willing to find something that suits you and make a special itinerary that covers your interests.
If you have some dream that can't be fulfilled in a group tour, why not contact me?
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