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About me

Government licensed guide and Certified domestic travel supervisor

I'm sure we'll have great days together!



Hi, I’m your guide Mayumi, 
As I have long experience in teaching Japanese history and Japanese as well as English at a major cram school to help students pass entrance examinations, so I'm sure I can help you learn about Japanese culture, history, and traditions during the tour with me.
As you may know, Japan is a beautiful country rich in nature surrounded by the sea. I also love playing in the nature, such as scuba diving, riding uphill, and hiking in the wilderness. It's also my pleasure to guide you to not only Central Tokyo but also the calm, beautiful rural areas.
There are unlimited routes and ways to fit each tourist for the exploration of deep attractions of Japan. 
Let me know your interests, and I'll make the best tour for you. I'd like to fill your trip with fruitful and unforgettable memories by creating a special itinerary exclusively for you.
Why not contact me? I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!



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